Dove Ministries International was founded May 3, 2005 in Waukegan, Illinois by Pastors Harry and Deborah Stackhouse. The character members were The Sign of the Dove, Radcliff, Kentucky, Pastors Edward and Elizabeth Palmer; The Sign of the Dove, Jackson, Tennessee,  Pastors Willie and Dorris Miles; The Sign of the Dove, Waukegan, Illinois, Pastors Harry and Deborah Stackhouse; and Heritage of Faith, Pastors Jarius and Jackie Ruff. 

     The purpose of Dove Ministries International is to provide a spiritual covering for independent churches and be a source for connecting churches, to provide inspiration, fellowship, training, leadership development, social and spiritual transformation and accountability to one another.  Dove Ministries International is not a denomination, but a group of associate and affiliate churches.  In December 2006 The Sign of the Dove, Zana, Uganda, Africa was founded and added to DMI.  We are now twenty-three (23) churches in Uganda with five (5) churches in Tanzania, 1 in the Republic of Congo, 1 in Rwanda, and 1 in Kenya.  There is also an affiliate in Czech Republic and 5 churches in the United States. 

      It is the vision of DMI to take the gospel around the world and establish networks of churches that are spiritually mature and trained to change the environment that they are in, while drawing strength and resources from one anotther.